Linking metrics – auto formula (Feature suggestion/question)

Hi! I was wondering if it’s possible or could be added in the future:

Let’s say I have side bearings of V = 10, W = 15, Y = 7.
Now, I want to link W and Y to V, without changing the values.
Would be cool to automatically calculate and apply the formulas to W =V+5 and Y =V-3, ideally for multiple glyphs at once.
Or is it already possible?

This is already a very useful feature, read more here:

You mean that you say: “link to a letter but keep the current difference”?

Yes. Like “hey Glyphs, here’s my W and its side bearings are 15. Please link it to V and calculate the difference”. And so it would automatically set W to =V+5, for example.

Those linked metrics formulas get completed with multiple masters…

I don’t think that I will implement that in Glyphs directly. But that could be done with a script. We can help you getting started with that.

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