Linking sidebearings & previewing them

Hello, I have 2 questions regarding sidebearings :

I have multiple glyphs that share the same sidebearings. Is there a way to link them as a batch to a particular glyph? The transformations window does not allow for a glyph name input. Is there any other way to do this?


(Image above) is how I look at the LSB of characters that are linked. (I club unlinked characters with the same side-bearing values on the next line.). Right now, it takes me some time to separate them into different groups for testing & and type the values next to them to look at what’s happening. (I want to get spacing ok before making the Kerning classes as I might completely change the character interpretation based on the spacing test files.)

Is there a quicker way to create a new tab with characters that have LSB and RSB values – For selected glyphs – thats close to this? I was thinking of something similar to “New Edit tab With compound glyphs” but with groups that share the same side bearings or linked values.

This is explained in this tutorial: (scroll down to “Side-bearing arithmetics”).

Hi Georg,

I did take a look at the link. I’m very confused where to apply this formula.

For example, one of them looks something like:

22 =knDA: tlDA, tlDAA, tlDAI

I’m not sure if its written ok. Currently it doesn’t work if added to the parent glyph or the subsequent Glyphs LSB in the info panel. Nor does it work on the transformations window. It’ll be very useful to know how to go about this.


You put that in the LSB, RSB width field of the glyphs that should inherit the value. E.g. Put ‘A’ in the fields of ‘Adieresis’.

Well, I really can’t get this to work for multiple glyphs (arithmetic) so far.

The work-around I’m using now is :

  • Copy the glyph name from a tab where similar characters are grouped
  • Alter the glyph order to this
  • Select the glyphs that have been arranged according to the LSB groups (in this case) in the font tab
  • Type the reference glyph name in the LSB field that appears in the multiple values column on the left panel.

This is still quicker than manually adding the reference glyph to link to each of the characters with share sidebearings. I think I’m missing something that’s already there to make this much easier.

You don’t need to do complicated filers. In font view, select the glyphs that need the same reference and add it the to value fields in the lower left.
If you have lists of names, you can write a script to apply them.

In Font view, you can select a number of glyphs, then you enter LSB or RSB here:

There are several characters which look similar with different side-bearing values. Since they are scattered in the font view, its confusing to select the right glyphs to link. That’s the reason I re-order them.

Thank you for your replies. I guess one can’t run from learning python forever :slight_smile:

There is a tutorial about sorting too. You can define a custom sort order that makes more sense for you.

Hi, I’m trying to change the side bearing of multiple glyphs as you highlight above, in Font view and in the panel where it shows ‘Multiple Values’ as your image shows, but it won’t let me type anything in there.
Is this avaiable in Gyphs 1.4.5? or am I just being remarkable dumb :slight_smile:

It looks slightly different, but it should work the same way.

Try regex. They are perfect for complex selections on the fly.