Live previewing interpolation for non-master layer

Hello again,
I was wondering I’d find super useful that, when clicking on a layer that is not master (but child of a master of course) my instance preview panel changes accordingly.

  1. I have drawn a letter on a master called Bold.
  2. I’ve made a copy of this master and changed the shape a bit.
  3. I’d like to check which of the 2 variants work better when interpolated.
  4. selecting the “bold variant” (the master is named with date+hour) I see in the preview panel the result as it was the Bold Master.
  5. clicking back on Bold master, the preview shows me the interpolation as it will be exported.

In short, it avoids to draw 2 variants and play all the time with the command “use as master” back and forth.


There is an option called Use as Master in the gear menu, that swaps the layer with the master layer. Use it again to swap it back.