Lnum feature no longer automatically created

I noticed that in the recent versions of Glyphs (can’t remember from which one exactly) there is an issue with the lining figures. My default figures are non lining, and I have a set of proportional lining and tabular lining. Before, my .lf figures would automatically be added in the lnum feature. Now I have to manually add them and if I then check the generate feature automatically, the feature disappears.
One other thing I noticed, that may not be related, is that in Indesign, if I try to convert the lining figures to superiors, nothing happens (it works with the default set), while if I try to do the same and convert to inferiors, then everything works fine. Why is this happening? Am I missing something?

That depends on the order of the features. The superior features should come before the figure styles. You can either delete and recreate all features or just drag the features into the right order.

Thanks! That worked!