Local Feature for Bulgarian Cyrillic?

Is there a way to name alternative Bulgarian Cyrillic glyphs, so that the locl feature for Bulgarian would generate automatically?

I tried naming de-cy.loclBGR but it’s not working.
At the moment the only way is to name de-cy.locl and write the feature manually.

Works for me. What version do you have?

The glyph name is correct, but automatic feature generation doen’t work if you don’t have de-cy. Also it’s not dynamic, so you need to refresh features by pressing the “Update” button.

Aah, yes, it is the Update button! Sorry! (It was in Glyphs 2.0.1 and I did have the normal de-cy)

We got the exact same glyphName(s) here and the auto feature works nicely with it. But we wonder how we can test this in inDesign (CC)? Setting up the language to Bulgarian doesn’t do the trick (same font in which the catalan locl feature works). Any ideas?

Works fine for me. Did you update the Languagesystems?

You mean in inDesign? I am not sure, we just installed CC a couple of weeks ago. Is the bulgarian implementation that new?

it works fine for me in InDesign CC. Bulgarian implementation is not new either.

Thanks everyone! We tried on another machine and it works. :slight_smile:

No. The entry in the features panel in Glyphs.

Yes, it was all fine. It works now. There was another issue on the computer that caused problems.