Localization feature for Ukrainian forms // language UKR

Faced the problem of features for localization of Ukrainian forms of letters.
Is it possible to add such an option (automatic feature generation)?

script cyrl;
language UKR;
sub En-cy by En-cy.loclUKR;

for example H > N


Adding En-cy.loclUKR to your font and updating the features should be enough.

I thought so too. But it only works for the Serbian and Bulgarian Cyrillic script. For the Ukrainian does not work(

Works fine for me:

What version of Glyphs do you have?

Hi Georg!

Version 2.5.1

Maybe I had some kind of glitch. Now everything works!
Thank you!))

The only thing - the description of the Languagesystems is not automatically prescribed UKR.
Can this be ignored?

This can’t be ignored. I see about that.

edit: I fixed it

Thank you, Georg!

And I uploaded the new version a few minutes ago.

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But so far I do not understand how to make it work (

Probably, this option will be available already in the new version of Glyphs.
Thank you!)

You need to activate ‘Show cutting edge versions’ in Preferences > Updates. But be Aware that this are beta versions.