Localized Forms mess up OTF Features?

I’ve started drawing Diacritial Marks the other day and somehow, eversince, I can’t seem to enable any OTF features in any programme, when exporting. I’ve tried in to export as .otf for InDesign and even .woff for HTML, not even ligas work. I’ve been able to locate the problem in Localized Forms, if I delete that code, everything works perfectly.

lookup locl_latn_0 {
	script latn;
	language AZE;
	language CRT;
	language KAZ;
	language TAT;
	language TRK;
	sub i by idotaccent;
} locl_latn_0;

lookup locl_latn_1 {
	script latn;
	language ROM;
	language MOL;
	sub Scedilla by Scommaaccent;
	sub scedilla by scommaaccent;
	sub Tcedilla by Tcommaaccent;
	sub tcedilla by tcommaaccent;
} locl_latn_1;

It’s worth mentioning that all characters do get exported though. Can I safely delete the code (auto generated) or is it because I haven’t finished all marks yet?