loclJAN and ROS

I have been struggling with loclJAN for a while. It does not work in Indesign. I asked Peter Nowell who is the developer of Font Proofer because it does not work in his app as well. He found out that the locl feature works for Japanese if the Glyphs file also contains a Hiragana glyph (あ) with a .loclJAN variant for text shaper like CoreText.

His guessing that the issue is one of these:

A: CoreText and Adobe InDesign might not recognize the font as supporting Japanese because there aren’t any kana characters, so it might ignore any JAN locl lookups.

B. This might be an issue with Glyphs making a mistake in how it prepares the JAN feature. I think this is the more likely option, because the JAN feature didn’t work when I had あ in the font—only when there was あ and a loclJAN variant of あ.

My guessing is maybe it is because of ROS. I tried to export in OTF with different ROS selections. I found that only Adobe-Identity-0 works without loclJAN. All other options will cause wrong encoding of no Latin glyphs. If I export TTF, every option of ROS works well except without loclJAN. I am using 3.2 (3234).

There was a small issue the whit the export of the CIDs (it was reported a few days ago). I’ll upload a new version, soon.
If the ROS export works properly, we can have a look at the locl problem. It would help if you could send me an sample font and a way so that I can test it.

Hi Georg, I just tried to test my font in browser, I find that the Japanese Kanji falls back to default Simplified Chinese Hanzi.

Can you try the latest cutting edge version?
And if can you send me the .glyphs file?