Long cursor in Illustrator / no extreme nodes found by plugin

Hello everyone!
I have an issue with a typeface in Illustrator. The font works perfectly in InDesign.
While highlighting text the cursor and the highlight appear very long. It is the longesy in the Thin Master and the shortest in the Black. I have run the script to find some hidden extreme points but there aren’t any. I don’t have any custom metric parameters and the alignment zones.

Thanks for advance for help!

Which glyphs did the script list? Can you post the output here?

this is what i got in macro:
MinX fraction -150.0
MinY parenleft -241.0
MaxX Eight-roman 1586.26012959
MaxY lacute 999.0

All values seem to be fine

Did you check all masters?

the script shows the same values while running on each master

Are you sure you’re testing the right font? How do you install it?

Yes, checked again. I have installed the font thought FontBook. This problem only appears in Illustrator. I attach the file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/g0emgcj3cr04hgo/Alkes_test1.glyphs?dl=0

The problem of the long cursor does not show with the file you posted here. I suspect a font installation conflict. Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?


I have a test folder but only in the InDesign App. The font used in the Illustrator App is installed through FontBook.

You should only use the Fonts folder mentioned in the Tutorial. And deinstall all versions of the font from Font Book