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Thank you very much, Rainer.

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Rayner, that was awesome but I do have a question and I didn t have time to ask it. Related with what you were saying about hinting only one master in a MM font. Is the process of placing the deltas in the intermediate instances very time consuming? Or is this “hint only one master” thing a specific from working with Glyphs3 and other workflows are different? Once I asked for a quote to someone to hint one of my fonts and that person gave me a figure based in the number of instances of my font. Was I being scammed by my own friend??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks Rainer! I don’t know if the topic was covered by the time I joined, but here are my recommended ways to test hinting without Windows:

  • Windows emulators like Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion.
    Pro: Transferring fonts is much easier since it’s on the same machine as your Mac.
    Con: Not a light option. Asks you quite a bit of your hard drive space, and memory while it’s running.

  • BrowserStack or CrossBrowserTesting
    (Paid service but sends you browser screenshots of different Ones and browsers. Good for OpenType testing too)
    Pro: Lets you test many environments. I loved it when my company used to cover the cost.
    Con: It’s paid. And you need to make a dummy html to test (doesn’t have to be online, the service can visit your local html)

  • Buy a Windows PC, a cheap one like this will do. (It’s a stick PC that asks very small amount of your living space)
    Pro: Small and cheap ones are getting very cost effective, and doesn’t pollute your Mac with overkill install size. (Search term is “mini PC” or “Stick PC” if you want other similar options.)
    Con: It’s a separate machine that asks for another monitor. And it’s harder to test in different OS setups.

I’ve tried all of them, and my current option is the 3rd (not that exact machine though). If I have more budget, my preferred is the 2nd.


Thanks for the tutorial, Rainer!

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Just missed it, any chance for a recording?


Definitely interested!

@dotlesshyphen @all
Here is the unedited video in two parts as is happened:

It will be deleted in one week so hurry :).

@iyadhgallah you have the video of the workshop up here


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Thanks a lot Sandro!

Thank you Sandro!

Thanks Sandro!

Missed the window! Any chance someone reuploads the mp4?

Hi! I missed the download window, can you reupload the video? Thank you so much =) !!

@albertomalossi @dosaag here you go: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1199OyVke5cEjYgnrOTAvhQSm-DmTr8eD?usp=sharing


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Thank you so much @sandrosandro!! :slight_smile: