Looking for: Hinting tutoring

Hi, I am new to glyphs, learnt Fontlab in college, did some typeface design and font production.

I would like to learn how to hint fonts, and looking someone to tutor me.

Of course, I would pay for the tutoring services.

Thanks so much!

PostScript or TrueType hinting? There are tutorials on the Learn page for either.

Ideally Truetype. I am aware of the tutorials, but I think I need some head start and someone teaching me and pointing out important details.

If there are more people interested, we can organise a Zoom class.


yes! Definitely interested. :slight_smile:

@mekkablue that would be great!

I would also be very interested. Sorry, in the old forum interface I thought I knew how to follow a topic without writing a comment, I can’t find it in the new one.

The button is hidden with CSS. Not sure why, maybe to simplify the interface. This is what the forum would look like without the CSS rule:

(If you use a custom-CSS plugin for your web-browser, like Cascadea, you can show the button with a rule like .topic-notifications-button { display: block !important; }.)

Edit: There would also be a small notifications-button to the right of the thread:


Very cool, thank you! Yes, that’s the button I’m looking for. Maybe the Glyphs gods might want to consider reinstating that, it’s very useful :slight_smile:

would be interested to join the zoom call too!

I’m also interested to join the Zoom class.

Okay, I will set up a poll later with multiple date&time options, around the end of next week.

Which time zones are you in? Anybody not in New York, London or Paris time?


Central European Time over here

Indonesia time here :vulcan_salute:

Definitively I’m interested! Central European Time here.

I’m also interested! =)

I would be interested for sure! Eastern Time here (New York)

CET here as well but I’m ready to drink more coffees and stay up

ui, ui, ui,
awesome option, Ranier!

am interested to join.
(your time zone)

Hi Rainer, I’d be interested as well!