Looking for my old Lists

Hi all,

I had to re-install my G2, now I notices, that all my Filter-List and Parameter-Lists (At Master when export) are lost … It also could be that they were lost after switch from G1 to G2 … don’t no.

Now, I got a massive Backup of all XML and Glyphs-Files. Could I find the Code anywere?

Thanks a lot!
g O

The filters are stored in the Application Support folder. The file is the same for Glyphs 1 and 2. Not sure why it disappeared.


can’t find … wich file?

(* to make clear, I looking for the Filters-List with the: “Master nicht kompatibel”)


You can add that yourself. Click on the button in the lower left and select New Smart Filter. Then select “Master Compatible” form the popup.


yes I know that. Its more that I was looking for my older Filter-List in older datas,
so that I can paste them in my new files.
(I had a lot of them … and would be very awkward to write those lists new : / )

But I don’t know in wich files the filters are written …

Custom filters are stored in CustomFilter.plist in your App Support folder.

Thank you!

Now I got it.