Low level TrueType instructions Error (VF)

Hey guys,
Im new to Glyphs3 and I want to create a variable font out of an existing TTF. I erased all errors I got before (Different path positions) but now Glyphs is telling me this. Where exactly do I find the TT instructions and how do I delete or what do I have to change to export the variable font without problems.

Thx in advanced <3

This is managed by custom parameters, namely:

  • prep Table Assembly
  • fpgm Table Assembly
  • CVT Table

Delete these parameters in the Master tab.

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OMG thank u!
I searched everywhere and couldn’t find anything haha :smile:

Why are you creating a font based off a TTF? Lexend is open source, you can just use the original source files:

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I want to change the “I” and the “J” in the basic font to the look of the “I” and “J” from alternate 1, but keep the look of the small “a”

Ok…? You can do that in the source file.

I changed the letters also in the source file but then it causes other problems :smiley:
Thin and Light are having the same weight (Light) and Extra Light has the weight of Extra Bold. Thats why I was trying to create a new file out of the TTF files.

I just started with Glyphs3 and with my stand of knowledge it should work haha but it doesn’t and I cant figure out why :smiling_face_with_tear:

In InDesign you can apply a GREP style, then you do not need to change anything in the file.

What should be done in the font though is separate stylistic sets. So the I, J and a alternates should have three different .ssXX suffixes, then update and compile the code in File > Font Info > Features. Definitely better to do that in the source.

The font will be used on a website and it would be better if the I and J were directly in the basic font.

And the different stylistic sets are already in the font file

I don’t get it… why not activate the respective sets?