Lowercase same as Uppercase

How can I easily copy all my uppercase letters into lowercase (it’s an uppercase only font I’m designing)?

Thanks in advance.

Do you have the mini or the full version?

Full version.

When you paste, hold Cmd-OPT-V, thus paste with the Opt key down.

There is a quite elegant method for this.

Make a list with all glyphs that you want to copy like this:
A=a B=b C=c … and put in the Font > Generate Glyphs … dialog.

Then you get lowercase glyph with components of the uppercase.

@Mekkablue, nothing seems to happen when I paste with the option key also.

Do you mean new glyph? It doesn’t’ seem to work there.

Georg’s solution is better for your situation.

What I meant was:

  1. Go to the Font tab.
  2. Select A-Z.
  3. Copy with Cmd-C.
  4. Select a-z.
  5. Opt-Paste with Cmd-Opt-V.
  6. In the dialog that appears, choose to overwrite the layers.

Thanks Mekkablue - that worked perfectly.

Let me elaborate on Georg’s suggestion:

  1. Go to the Font tab.
  2. Select a-z.
  3. Delete them by hitting Cmd-Delete. Confirm the dialog.
  4. Choose: Font > Add Glyphs (Cmd-Shift-G)
  5. In the appearing dialog paste this:
    A=a B=b C=c D=d E=e F=f G=g H=h I=i J=j K=k L=l M=m N=n O=o P=p Q=q R=r S=s T=t U=u V=v W=w X=x Y=y Z=z
  6. Confirm by clicking OK.

Now your lowercase letters consist of uppercase component, i.e. if you change the original uppercase letter, the lowercase will change too. I think that’s the better solution for what you want to do.


What that does is create a set of glyphs under other called “A=a” “B=b” etc etc.

What version of Glyphs do you have?

1.3.10 full version

Can you check for updates? In the App Store 1.3.15 is the most recent, and 1.3.17 for the direct version.

Thanks - it worked in the latest version.

Great solution, but now I need to have the same kerning and ligatures, is it possibile?


Ligatures: same thing, x_x=X_X
Kerning: put them in the same kerning group.

Perfect, thanks!

Hi There, I have the MINI version of glyphs… I just need to copy the exact same characters to the lowercase as it’s an uppercase only font…

Can I do this in mini without copying them all individually?

In Mini, you cannot automate as much. This is how you would do it for A/a:

  1. Go into the empty lowercase a.
  2. Glyph > Add Component > A > Select.
  3. Click in the empty area & set the kerning groups manually.

How do I reverse this process? I thought I wanted my font to be only uppercase, but now I want to design a lowercase as well. I deleted the lowercase characters and added them again thinking that that would remove the A=a substitution. There is nothing in the /a glyph, but when I type an /a an /A appears instead, even if there are no lowercase glyphs. Where is the code talking about the sub defined in the OTF, I must need to remove the code manually still, but I did not find it in the font info palette.