Mac and Windows Compatible Names

I’m running FDK’s “comparefamily” tests on my fonts generated with Glyphs and I get this error:

Error: The Mac and Windows Compatible Names for the regular face of a style-linked group should be the same. Font Plural-Regular
Mac Compatible Name: Plural Regular
Windows Compatible Name: Plural

Is this something to worry about? Should I force the name of the Regular style as FDK is saying?


There are different approaches. See for yourself what the spec says:

What is the Windows Compatible Name? Does the error message give you name IDs as well?

Ok I see.

According to FDK the Full Name should be only (in this case) “Plural” without Regular.

But I see in the specs that it says it is “a combination of strings 1 and 2, or a similar human-readable variant. If string 2 is “Regular”, it is sometimes omitted from name ID 4.”

So I guess it can be either way.

Never forget to test, of course. The only thing I can think of that could be broken would be a (e.g. Word) file generated in windows and opened on a Mac and vice versa.