MacBook Pro M1 does not work with plugins

Hello everyone,

I checked the different topics about that on the forum, but I did not managed to make things work. I just opened my new MacBook Pro M1 earlier today and I installed G3. Then, I installed one plugin (to try with only one first) and after relaunching G3, I had this box appearing:

So then I downloaded some python thing I saw on one of the other M1 topics but still, did not work. I’m not very familiar with python nor coding language etc, so I probably did something wrong.

If anyone could help me with this, that’d be so kind. Thank you very much in advance.


Please update to the latest cutting edge version. Activate it in Preferences > Updates.

The python runtime is still a problem but at least it gives a better error and suggests a solution.

Thanks a lot! I ran the thing in the terminal and it worked ! That’s amazing! Thank you very much!

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