MacBooks / Airs / Minis with M1 chips + Glyphs


The new ARM based M1 chip has landed and is rolling out in various Mac devices. I was wondering if there was a plan to bring Glyphs 2.x / 3.x over to run natively on the M1? I guess there’s complications to do with Glyphs extensions, but it would be awesome to know if the core app would function on the M1. Thanks!

Changelog 3029 & 3030:

  • First build for both Intel and ARM processor

Glyphs run fine under Rosetta 2 and the native builds are in a good shape, too. But the python environment provides some problem.


Do you know more about the Python environment? I once heard some rumours that Apple plans to ditch to ship with python installed in some future. Usually one would just install python oneself, but since you say it could provide some problem, I am curious about those.

There is the most recent python 2.7 and a stub 3. You get the dialog to install it when it is first used (just like the one that comes up when you use git for the first time. But that does requires a rather big download (if I remember correctly). The python plugin from the Plugin Manager should work.

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Thought I’d discuss this here rather than start a new thread.

I picked up an M1 MacBook Pro running Big Sur. Some quick testing based on my usual workflow and tools:

Glyphs 2
Noodler: Works
Show Distance & Angle: Works
SpeedPunk: Installs, but doesn’t show curvature

Glyphs 3
Noodler: Won’t run, tells me to wait for a universal version
Show Distance & Angle: Won’t run, tells me to wait for a universal version
SpeedPunk: Won’t run, tells me to wait for a universal version

It’s too bad SpeedPunk isn’t working on either G2 or G3. I hope a universal version is in the works. I don’t know of any alternatives.

Small update: I was able to get SpeedPunk to work on G2 by copying the ‘GlyphsPythonPlugin’ folder from the G3 Repositories folder into the G2 equivalent.

I’m also running into some tricky stuff on G3 with Python.

If I try to run a macro, G3 tells me to install Python:

If I click Install, I get the expected dialog box:

I click OK, wait, quit, and relaunch. If I try the macro again, the same thing happens and I end up with in a loop.

Preferences shows Python 3.8.2 installed, and it appears to be installed in the Modules tab of the Plugin Manager, but I can’t get it to stop looping with the same errors.

The python module is not compatible with the Apple Silicon. Python and pyObjC are not fully compatible. Until those are sorted (hopefully in the next few days) you can try to run Glyphs under Rosetta. select the app in Finder and hit Cmd+i. In the inspector should be a checkbox “Run under Rosetta” (or something).


Thank you. I should’ve thought to try that. I’ll give it a shot.

Does the plugin executable for Python plugins also need a universal update?

Yes. I have build one and it is available here: (all the templates in the Glyphs3 branch are updated.

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I’m updating all the plugins I have access to until Monday.


I don’t know if you have access to some of mine, but I updated them all already :wink: