MacOS Sierra Edit View canvas bug?

On Sierra, there appears to be some rendering bug in Edit View causing a gray area outside the glyph bounds. Zooming in/out fixes this, but it happens every time a glyph enters edit view. Any ideas about this?

Image for reference:

MacOS Sierra 10.12.2
Glyphs 2.4.1

Also, I noticed the “drop-downs” in the Custom Parameter window appear different in Sierra. Not a big deal, just wondering if it was intentional, or not. The older version seemed cleaner in my opinion.

The popups are a system bug. They look the same in Xcode.

Okay, thanks Georg.

What about the first post regarding “gray area” on the top/right of the canvas when opening a glyph in Edit View?

Is it still in the latest version 963?

Yes, the “gray area” is still present in 963. It occurs when opening a glyph to “Edit View” and happens each time, for all glyphs. It disappears after zooming and the glyph bounds re-center in the the canvas, as normal. I tested both old and newly created files and it still happens regardless.

This has been happening for me, too. Currently running 963 and macOS 12.12.2.

Same here. I am getting this gray area.

I saw that a few times but can’t reproduce it right now.