Macro Panel & Scripting related questions

Hi, here are some questions (maybe suggestions):

  • Can I set the font in the Macro Panel? (I can set the size but couldn’t find the way of changing the font).
  • Could the output be stacked above of previous output messages instead of below? (and maybe add a blank line or any other separator)
  • The indent/dedent shortcut is working fine (cmd-[ cmd-]) but can’t make work comment/uncomment usual shortcut (cmd-{ cmd-}). Maybe it’s my keyboard layout –spanish– but works in other apps. Is this shortcut implemented?
  • Could the #MenuTitle string on top of scripts you want in your menu support also # MenuTitle (with a space). I run AutoPEP8 for making the code more legible and this adds the space after the #.

No, but you can clear the panel with Glyphs.clearLog(), would that help you too?

Yes, I know, but sometimes you want to compare two or more outputs and it’s easier to read first the fresh one. Not a big deal I guess. Thanks

Take a look at Edit > Other > Comment Selection. The default shortcut is Cmd-slash for me.

I don’t think that is possible currently, sorry.

Will look into that. Thx for pointing that out.

EDIT: fixed in the upcoming cutting edge version.

That was fast! Thanks for all the answers.

I’d love that, too. Low priority of course :slight_smile: