Macro Window disappears when I change to another app. Is there a way to keep it in view?

I almost really like the scripting workflow in Glyphs. I love how easy it is to work in a separate code editor by using “Run Last Script” when I Command+Tab between a code editor and Glyphs. However, there’s one thing that really throws me off:

When I foreground any other app, the Macro Window disappears from view. This is a problem because I often want to work with my editor next to Glyphs on a big screen, so I can code while being able to glance at the most-recent print output. Also, it’s just quite distracting when I flip to the editor and see half of my Glyphs app disappear.

Is there any user setting to change this behavior? Is there a good workaround?

I do see an option Use system console for script output, but the system console is so busy, I’m at a loss for where to see just my scripting output (if this best workflow and I’m just not understanding it, I would be happy if someone could help me understand it better).


Now you see it:

Now you don’t:

Thanks for any help!


That was bugging me a few times already and now I finally changed it.


On the other hand I cannot get rid of it when in plugin development and restarting Glyphs lots of times. It is always there and in the way. No matter if I restart Glyphs or force quit … :smiley:

There are some plugins that open the macro window automatically. Search for “showMacroWindow” in all you plugins and scripts.

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Nice, thank you for such a quick update!

Aaaaaaaaachhsssooooo. Thanks so much :pray:

Where did you find it? Maybe fix the plugins?


  • In Arrange Windows, but there it is only called when option key is pressed, that’s how I want it. Hope it’s not called accidentally on startup.
  • GlyphsSILE…/…/GlyphsApp.lua
  • Kernkraft, but there it’s only called in debugMode which is set to false.
  • Waterfall, but also only in an exception

And in many scripts, but they are not relevant for a Glyphs start.

Did you fix the involuntary opening?

I didn’t change anything in the plugins (yet), so no.

But please put this off of your list, it’s not important :slight_smile: