Macro window shortcut

Is there keyboard shortcut to run whatever is currently in the macro window without losing focus of the edit window? I need to change values in the script frequently, so loading it as a standalone script with assigned shortcut wouldn’t work I guess.

If you need to run it so often, why not make it a script in the Script menu?

Like I said, I need to change some values often.

Simple GUI?

What does your script do?

I GUI is clearly beyond my coding abilities :joy:
It’s a simple script I made based on your tutorials and with Georg’s help, it shifts some nodes around. The amount of the shift depends on the glyphs, so I change the values, edit the glyphs I need and have to change to the macro window every time. Run button also only works when clicked, enter or space do nothing, so a shortcut would be a great timesaver.

Make a script in the scripts folder, keep that open in your favorite text editor and change it there. Assigned the script a shortcut.
Then you can run the script normally from the edit view, switch the the editor with Cmd+Tab just as easily as going to the macro window.

That works great, thanks!