Magnetic guidelines - OFF by default?

What are your thoughts on this for the next version? I often have to drag a node a little bit to connect it to another node (to close the contour). The magnetic guidelines forces me to put the node where I don’t want it. In disabling it the magnetic guideline with ctrl, it disables the desired effect of closing the contour.

An old paradigm that I think works well in many apps is to be able to freely move a node and hold down shift to constrain its movement.

The magnetic guidelines in its current version does the opposite, ie. it constrains by default, and in disabling the unwanted constraint, it disables a constraint elsewhere. Would it be better to have the shift key act as this magnetic guideline?

Many thanks!

I just tried and I could connect nodes (and thus closing the contour) with Ctrl held down. You can turn off guidelines, too, if they are in your way.

Shift-constraining is something completely different.

I don’t really undertand how the guidelines prevent you from closing a path. Can you sent a screenshot or better a screencast?

Thanks to you both. How do I turn off guidelines?

Guidelines aren’t preventing me from closing a path. It’s the disabling of the magnetic guidelines with the ctrl key that is preventing me from dragging a node over another to close the path.

No way to post a screencast here?

Use and paste the link. Or CloudApp if you already have a screencast ready for upload.

You mean the temporary guidelines that appear during dragging? Also in this case, the Ctrl key does not prevent you from closing a path. Perhaps zoom in a bit more? And the open path end snaps too.

Ah, great, thanks. I’ve put it at

That’s right; I’m talking about the the temporary guidelines that appear when dragging. For me, holding down the ctrl key does prevent the two open nodes from snapping together and closing the path (as you’ll see).

I’ve noticed the same effect (#2 =10#msg10984 ): Turning off snapping with CTRL then means I can’t actually snap to where I want it.


Yes, all snapping is off when you hold down Ctrl. That is the whole point of the Ctrl key. So, you have to drag precisely in those cases when you want to close a path and cannot use snapping.