Make a layer font export from a CPAL Color Font: Export each color layer as a separate font


I have a CPAL Color Font with three colours which I’ll call Left, Base, and Right.
In the CPAL implementation everything works and I love it.

However, my client has requested that we also deliver a Layer Font implementation, where Left, Base and Right are all individual fonts. My client wants their sponsors and partners to be able to input their own colours.

So basically I need to be able to export the two implementations from the same file.

Maybe this has been answered elsewhere but I’ve been looking and I cannae find it.

Is it possible to set up an instance that only has contours from, say, the Color 0 layer?


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Also I would love to be able to copy stuff from one color layer to the other because we are merging Color Layer 1 and Color Layer 3 into one.

I’ve found scripts that copy master layers to color layers and the other way around but nothing that copies sub layers :sweat_smile:

You need to write a custom script for this.
If you set it up with tree masters (and Master Color parameters) you can export both, the CORL and the three individual layer fonts.

Thanks Georg, it’s what I’m going to do for this project for sure. But there are caveats to this approach that may be useful to adress in the future, though I know it probably wouldn’t be high in the priorities.

Not doing this on export means I’m duplicating data from the CPAL layers to these new Masters, and when I inevitably have to make changes to one of them I’d have to do the manual labour of keeping them in sync, so it’s not very editing friendly.

If this was done as a custom parameter one could add to the exports like “Export only CPAL Layer: 0” there’s no duplicating and no syncing needed!

Appreciate the solution you provide though!

You don’t need to duplicate the layers. With a color masters, you don’t need to extra “Color X” layers any more.

Don’t you need it if you want to keep the CPAL export on the same file?

As I said, you can export COLR from those color masters.

Oh that’s brilliant then, completely solves my problem!

So I add the masterColor custom parameters to the masters and then what do I do on the export to get the CPAL?


Add a “Color Layers to COLR” parameter in the export settings.

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