Make Corner broken

Hello, for some reason, Make Corner doesn’t work for me in Glyphs 3 (3098). It works fine as the plugin in Glyphs 2, but in G3, it doesn’t do anything.

It works for me. Maybe remove and re-install it?
And you know that there is a nativ function ‘Sharpen Corner’?

Ah, indeed, thank you! Why it’s called Sharpen Corner is beyond me, but thanks.

There where too many “Make …” commands.

Haha. That makes sense. I’m sure you’ve thought about this a lot, but still, I personally find that “Sharpen” sounds like a gradual thing, like Round. Furthermore it sounds like a design change, a visual change, which it (in most use cases) isn’t, it’s a technical thing. If not Make Corner (which is the most understandable and logical), I would propose Create (which is also used a lot), Close Corner, or something bloated like Reconstruct. I actually think Close is rather accurate: It is not a gradual, but an either-or term. It sounds technical and not design-related. Also, it is the opposite of Open Corner.

Frankly, the function it does is the last thing I would have thought of when reading “Sharpen”, which is also why I never used it :wink:

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It is indeed hard to name. We thought for a long time for a better name. Problem is that “making/creating a corner” could be mistaken for turning a point blue (into a corner node), we use similar expressions already in other contexts. Reconstruct is misleading because it does not reconstruct anything, on the contrary.

What’s more, Sharpen Corner is different from the Make Corner filter. Make Corner turns a curve segment into a line construction. Sharpen Corner OTOH continues the segments adjacent to the selection until their intersection, until they meet in a corner point. That way you can select a serif and remove it: you sharpen the shape much like a pencil sharpener sharpens a pencil.

I see it was indeed a topic of long discussion :slight_smile: While I can understand your reasoning behind the term, I still maintain that Sharpen describes something gradual, and would sound to me like the opposite of Round. Reading Sharpen, I would expect a filter where I select a rounded corner segment, enter a new value, and make the corner less round. Not a transformation into an “absolute” corner.

It would be interesting to see how often Sharpen Corner is actually used to make a round corner into a sharp corner, instead of using it to reverse the Open Corner filter. Personally, I use it almost exclusively for the latter. This, to me, would merit a naming based much more on the fact that it reverses this filter, thus meriting a name like Close.

In any case, for the time being, I’ll just remember that the name stands for that filter and thank you very much for your explanation!