Make font bolder

I have an existing font that I need to make bolder (thicker). Is there an easy way to do this with a script or is there a command?

Bolder or thicker?
To simply thicken your letters a bit, try Filter > Offset Paths.
A real Bold is much more complicated, I am afraid.


What would be the best way to make a Bold weight with Glyphs? Fontlab Studio has the Effects menu to get you started, but what about Glyphs?

Did you try Filter > Offset Paths?

Yes I did and that’s a good place to start. It’s a bit blunt, but it works kinda good. You’d have to rework it completely anyway, but most of the tedious work is prepared.
I hoped somebody had some good tips how to do this. Perhaps an external filter.

A real bold is more complicated and requires a lot of creative decisions which cannot be automated. What I use to turn a letter bold, is mostly the Nudge and Fit Curve functions. Clean paths help a lot.

Karsten Lucke's Glyph Tweaker script for Fontlab is probably the best tool for adding weight in a hurry.

That IS a great tool to start with! Thanks

The Offset Paths is not good than tranform function in FontCreator.

Can you post some comparisons of results form FontCreator and Glyphs. I just tried it and the results were similar.