Make metrics keys lowercase


this is probably something that should rather be posted in a thread concerning the respective script, but maybe this would be useful in Glyphs itself: I am using the script Make Glyph Names Lowercase by mekkablue, in order to make my newly generated smallcap names (from capitals) lowercase, as, I assume, most people do when starting with smallcaps. Glyphs works great with the metrics keys, as they are automatically updated to point to the respective smallcap glyph instead of the capital it stems from. When using the script, however, the metrics keys are not made lowercase, so that they now point to empty glyphs (to H.smcp instead of what is now called h.smcp). Is there any workflow that circumvents manually making the metrics keys lowercase for all smcp glyphs? Would this be useful in the aforementioned script? Or do I not have any excuse that prevents me from just writing two lines of script myself, come to think of it? :wink:

You would need to amend the script to also look for metrics keys.

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