Make OTF error, dlig features arabic


I have difficulties with exporting arabic.

Is there any way to fix this problem?

Thank you!

You have the same glyph twice. Lookup unicodes 0649 and FEE2 in UnicodeChecker or search for the Unicodes in the Search field in Font View.

Thank you for answer but I don’t think this is the problem, when I want to update features:

Do you have uniXxxx names and nice names in the font?

I generated every glyph in Glyphs bz right click… So they are named with nice names and beside, on right, are xxxx.
Also features where automatically generated, so nothing manually.

Can you send us the .glyphs file, please?
support (at) (this website without www)

I don´t think it depends on my font. Also when I open new file and set arabic ligatures, update - this error happens.
I think problem is hiding here.

Yes, there are some bugs concerning positional ligatures in the most recent app versions. Currently, I am afraid your workaround will have to be to switch the feature to manual and comment out or delete the duplicates.

We’d be happy if you can file a bug report on bugreport on and describe the steps that lead to the error. This helps Georg find+fix the bug.

Ok, I´ll do that.
Thank you!

Is it possibel that you don’t have the alternate forms of the alefMaksura?

I added a check to prevent this error.

Not sure what you mean, that alternates could be missing in my font or if I could have font without them?
I have all 481 arabic glyphs.

For now, I don’t need ligatures connected with alefMaksura. I can export font without them, since I know were is the problem.
I reported bug in case you could solve the problem.

thank you!

But the alefMaksura needs an initial, medial and final form.