MakeOTF error > Empty lookup in feature 'kern'

Hello everyone,

I am having a problem while exporting an .otf:

Who else had this kind of problem? Do you know how to solve it? I checked a similar topic but I couldn’t solve this.
I am working with the latest version of Glyphs (2.5.2 (1176)).

Thank you so much in advance,

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Georg, thank you for your response. I actually went through all kern tables and there was one pair with a +0 value. I removed it and it worked fine.

Thanks again!

Do you still have a file that produces the problem? I might be able to avoid the problem.

Hello Georg,

I seem to have a similar problem. Can I ask you to have a look?



Please send me the .glyphs file.

Hi here is w wetransfer link:



You have one kerning pair in your font that has a zero value. Remove it (in the kerning panel) and it will work. I added some code to prevent the error.

all is good! thanks so much!

I fixed this error, but it is better if you clean up your file.