MakeOTF Error FontRevision


I’m having issues exporting my font (a revised version of an existing font) from Glyphs. Here’s the exact error message:

Error: "syntax error at "-9126" missing FONTREV [features.fea 25" in Feature file at line: 25

I checked the “features.fea” file and I’m not sure what the syntax error is. Here’s what those lines look like:

  24 table head {
  25  FontRevision -9126.-139;
  26 } head;

Let me know what I can do to make this work. Thanks!!

It seem that the version numbers are negative. Could you send me the original .otf file?

I fixed the issue. Changed the Revision number in the Glyphs file settings to positive numbers and was able to export after doing so. Not sure why the negative numbers were there in the first place.

Thanks for your reply!