Makeotf error syntax error at feature missing TAG features.fea 42 in Feature aalt in line:0

Hi I am ready to export font but have this error - I have deleated all code and re entered it, checked but can’t see any errors - states missing TAG in Aalt line 0 (zero) but there is no line zero ? Checked generate font command for issue and it says
Syntax error at “feature” missing TAG [features.fea42]
MakeotfGlyphs [FATAL] aborting because of errors

Can anyone help me please?

I can say this: very frequently when the compiler says “error at,” the real location of the error is before the specified location. In this case there is obviously no error in the auto-generated aalt code, so it’s likely in one of the other features. Since calt is the only feature that’s not auto-generated, I’d look there first.

If you don’t spot it right away, post your code here. I’m fairly good at debugging my own code, anyway: I might be able to help.

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This tutorial might help:

This is probably a mistake in Languagesystems (at the top); try automating it (checkbox above the code) and compiling again.

Ok will do thanks, I had changed the code on my previous export, but to see my liga dlig ss01 etc I had to turn the language code back to the original code which I did by ticking the checkbox above language as you mentioned, this was fine and prior to any issues occurring - I will take another look when at my Mac but I think this is all correct already x any other ideas? Many thanks

Could you send us the .glyphs file (to support at this domain (without www and forum))?

I sent it through but think I may have fixed it with checking and rechecking the language system box as suggested by your colleague, I shall see if that helps and update you with my progress later.

Thankyou so much for your attention

All good thanks everyone