Makeotf export error in Glyphs Mini 1.5.7

Hi, I bought Glyphs Mini 1.5.7 way back when and am having an export error with it now for a new font I’m trying to export. Maybe it’s a system compatibility issue, I’m on Mac OS 11.6 (Big Sur). Does Mini 1 work with Big Sur?

The font is just one glyph, and I cut-and-pasted it from Illustrator, I’m sure either of those could be the problem… but I tried re-exporting some saved fonts that I was able to make/export last year, and even the previously-fine fonts aren’t exporting now. So it makes me suspect it might be a systemic issue rather than font-specific.

Can you post the exact error message?

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 2.49.14 PM

(I’m also not seeing any log in the Temp folder as referenced here: Troubleshooting a Font that Does not Export | Glyphs)

It seems that Glyphs Mini 1 is not fully compatible with macOS Big Sur, actually macOS 10.14 is the latest version that is supported (the makeOTF binary is only 32 bit and that is not supported in macOS 10.15 and above).

OK, thanks Georg!

I should probably upgrade anyway, I love the app.