Making a component from an instance with a custom parameter?

Wasn’t sure about the best way to go about this.

I have 3 “layers” in a font I’m making. Inline, base, and inline+base. Right now, the inline is created by applying an offset filter as a custom parameter. This offsets the monoline path so that it’s a 10pt stroke when exported.

What would be the best way to create the inline+base layer? Can I somehow make a component from the inline and put it on top of the base layer? The issue I see is that you can’t apply a custom parameter to only one part of a glyph. Is there a non-destructive way of doing this, or is the only way to manually copy/paste the path on top of the base for each letter?

I would write a script that subtracts the contents of layer 1 from layer 2 and puts the result in layer 3. I would not automate it at export time because I would expect a fair amount of fine-tuning in layer 3.

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When you say “subtracts the content of layer 1 from layer 2”, is it possible to do that even though the stroke of the shape is created with a custom parameter. It is not “expanded”.

I think so.