Making a dot for a monoline font

Is there a best practice for making a dot for a monoline font? Is it best to use a small closed-path circle? A short line segment? Everything is pretty straight forward with a monoline, except for making dots. I’m using Noodler, so everything I’m doing looks rounded.

You can exclude some glyphs from the filter. Then just draw it as you need.


GeorgSeifert- How do you exclude some glyphs from the filter?

All built-in (and most third-party) filters accept an additional include: or exclude: parameter at the end of the line, followed by a comma-separated list of glyph names, e.g.:

Transformations; LSB:-20; RSB:+20; include:A,B,C

This example will decrease the left sidebearing by 20, and increase the right sidebearing by the same amount, effectively shifting the glyph to the left. But it will do so only for A, B and C.

Check out the Custom Parameters tutorial:


Thank you Dave!