Making a shape invisible across some masters (variable font)

I’m working on a variable font that that uses two identical overlapping square paths to “hide” the presence of a shape. I then slowly “reveal” the shape by decreasing the size of the top square across masters so that it becomes a counterform within the bottom square.

My issue is that when you overlap two identical paths with reverse direction to cancel one another out, on export you still get this flickering hairline around the border that displays differently in various settings but always seems to be there.

My question: is there a way to keep a shape totally “invisible” so that nothing at all will display? I’m open to all methods. Simply opening up the path does not seem to work. Thanks!

The only way to effectively hide the shape is to completely retract all its nodes into one point.

Have you tested different environments (different browsers)? Is it the same everywhere?

Can you post screenshots of your setup?

Hi Georg - here’s my process with images. I’m only allowed one image as a new user, so I put everything into one. Thanks!

Hi There! I’ve tested in AI and on Each displays differently though both incorrectly in terms of what I’m going for. I’m including my response to Georg below as it has screencaps of those tests at the bottom. As I’m mention below, saving a pdf from AI yields good results, but I do need this to function onscreen. Thanks!

UPDATE: I was able to (mostly) resolve this issue using bracketed masters, but would be very curious to hear any other ideas that come to mind. Thanks!

Yeah. You will still have the rasterizers insert antialiasing. Best to solve this with a single shape.

Makes sense, thank you