Making Alt Glyphs that show up in Illustrator when highlighting

Trying to make alt glyphs that show up in Illustrator when highlighting per my example below.
I’ve tried to change the name from “E.001” to “E.ss01” and that didn’t seem to work. Am I missing something?


Did you make the Feature code to go with your stylistic set glyphs? If not, go to your Font Info window and then to the Features tab, click update in the bottom left, re-export and try again.

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That depends on the presence of a substitution feature (e.g. ss01) and its mention in the aalt feature. In this example, it must contain a feature ss01; line. Like @DaveBailey said, this should happen automatically. So make sure automation is on (controlled via the Generated Automatically checkbox). Then compile, export, and it should work.

And it must be enabled in AI’s preferences as well.

You are using the Adobe Fonts folder, right?

@DaveBailey this feature available in glyphs mini?

@mekkablue I am currently exporting to this folder per that article

Can I do this in Glyphs mini?
Also if it currently works for other typefaces should I need to change my preferences in AI?

  1. You do not need to export WOFF (Webfont)
  2. Mini has limited OT support. The supported features are listed at the end of the handbook.