Making font thicker

HI! I’m currently creating a font and I would like to make it thicker (a fake bold). I’ve seen a post saying to use Filter>offset curve.
I’ve tried that but the end result was a disaster, as you can see in the prints below:

Is there anything else I need to do in order to make the effect work properly? I used tidy up paths, made their directions proper already.

What were your settings in the Offset Curve dialog?

15 on horizontal, 10 on vertical. Checking make stroke and/or keep compatible made it even worse.

The source is in TrueType curve (Quadratic). You need to convert it to Postscript one first (Cubic). Path > Other > Convert to Cubic. You can run that to multiple selected glyphs.

Thanks. That worked great for some letters, others got thinner when using offset curve. I guess there’s something wrong with my font hahaha.

Fix the path direction for that issue.

Hi, for your example above, I would recommend cleaning up the outlines drastically. Probably, the best thing is even to use a monoline method for now, so you simply draw a single line and use the stroke feature in Glyphs 3.

Looking again, you are using Glyphs 2, but that’s not a problem – you can also draw monoline and then simply use an Offset Curve filter (or mekkablue’s Noodler) to expand the stroke. That ensure master compatibilty and makes for pretty clean outlines.