Making fonts with AI

I have developed a process to create typefaces using machine learning.

I trained a model on images of typefaces of different categories, and used that model to generate new typefaces within and between those categories.

The first actual font I published based on this technique I appropriately named Artificial Intelligence:

The above typeface was created by the AI – I manually made the vector and the font.
I consider this font a proof of concept more than anything else; In the majority of cases, the tech would be used to complement and assist human creativity.

The technique is, in my opinion, most powerful when used for complementation and styling of existing fonts.

Examples of font complementation:

Examples of stylizing existing typeface:

Integrating this into a font creation software such as Glyphs would obviously be incredible, although I am not sure this is the most efficient approach, as it creates bitmap typefaces and also requires a powerful GPU.

My hope is that this can help other typeface designers out in their workflow. I believe it has the potential to make font creation more efficient.

Read the extended article on my work here:


I like it, and I agree that integrating this into a font editor would make sense. IMHO this is the logical continuation of other already present automatization features (both build-in, and plug-in).
I understand correctly that this is something you have only implemented on a local machine, so we can´t actually test run it, like Dall-E or so?

It should be possible to run that inside Glyphs. And combine it with outline tracing it should get you a good starting point. Is there a way to try this (with your training data and/or with someones own)?

I have not published it online, no.
I can however run requests. In its current state it is limited, however, since I trained it on seven styles only. As font makers know, you’d need many sub-categories to cover all variations.
I can also share the model through DM, which can be run locally or on a rented machine.

Sure, I would be happy to share it. Just let me know what you need.