Making New Weights


I’m teaching myself Glyphs and I’ve created a Regular weight. I now want to create subsequent weights (Light, Medium, Bold, etc.) but I’m unsure of how to proceed.

  1. Do I need to create new Glyphs file for each weight (i.e, “Regular.glyphs, Bold.glyphs”)?
  2. Or can I use Multiple Masters to keep the weights in one file?
  3. If I do use Multiple Masters, do I need to create Instances for each weight?

Apologies if someone has asked this but I couldn’t seem to find it on the forum or the handbook. Thanks!

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Are you using the full version of Glyphs, or Glyphs Mini? My remarks pertain to the full version.

The weights can be all in one file although you should not keep Roman and Italic versions in the same file.

For Multiple Masters to work, a minimum of two Masters is required, i.e. perhaps Light and Extra Bold. Everything in between the two Masters become interpolated instances, although you can add other Masters between the two extreme Masters for more control.

Refer to Glyphs’ excellent tutorials. Here’s a link to begin with, and the link “Tutorials” at the top of the page will show you many more on a variety of topics.

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