Making the final font

I am about to release the first font produced in Glyphs.

Are there any known issues with naming or so that have to be dealt with with custom parameters? If so, which?

In FontLab I had figured out a way which made the fonts work in all applications, both for Mac and PC but now it’s bye bye FontLab (if possible). It was a mix of checkboxes, naming issues and stuff.

I will of course test the fonts, but is it anything that needs to be addressed when releasing a commercial font?

Or is Glyphs out-of-the-box producing a font that simply works?

No. If you have no issues with the font. Sometimes you need to set a custom weight class (if you have a lot instances). Or set the vertical metrics directly (typoAscender…winAscent…) if the automatically calculated values do not work for you. And if the Font has to play nice with QuarkXPress, you might check “Compatible Name Table”. This will generate a slightly different name table and will correctly group the families in Quark.

what “value” should the custom parameter “Compatible Name Table” has to have?

  • “true”
  • or no value, just the parameter

the “Compatible Name Table” is placed in the global font informations like “openTypeOS2VendorID” right?

Just put in “1”


What happens if you do not put in the Compatible Name Table in Quark. And is there a reason why is this not pre-built into Glyphs?

If you do not use the “Compatible Name Table”, the fonts will not be properly grouped in Quark. This is not set by default because the OT specification says differently. This is is a bug in Quark. The Compatible setting can cause problems in MS Office…