Making undo actions visible if undoing something not in current view?

I sometimes find myself having a brilliant idea and going around changing stuff in multiple layers or masters. Then I find that the idea is crap and try to roll back. Since I saved an hour or seconds ago, reverting to the file state is not an option. So I hammer the undo key and… don’t see what I’m undoing unless I happen to look at the layer that is currently being undone. The bottom undo text is often just saying "Undo: " so I have no idea what I’m doing. Switching to the layer or whatever that the current undo works on may be helpful.

Also, I suspect that undo only undoes things in the current glyph, but sometimes I’m not sure. Maybe expand the undo status text to say something like “Undoing in /whatever: some action” for clarity?


Hi guys,

I have the same problem/request: Each time I undo actions while I’m on a master (let’s say Regular), sometimes I undo actions I’ve done on other masters (Bold/Italic) and there’s no way to know what I’m undoing unless I go check on each master.

It would be perfect if Undoing/Redoing was limited to the current Master (just like it is limited to the glyph. When a glyph is selected, hitting undo doesn’t work on other glyphs)

Thank you.


Having undo on a per glyph basis is confusing enough. And it would produce all kind of other problems, like to undo adding a new layer, or changes to the glyph like name, unicode or metrics keys.

What could be done though is an expansion to the undo indicator at the window bottom, saying ‘Undo point move on layer Bold’.


Blockquote[quote=“mekkablue, post:4, topic:7213”]
saying ‘Undo point move on layer Bold’.

I’d love that, too. I often feel the undo happening somewhere in the dark, me not knowing what I actually undid :slightly_smiling_face: