Manual Glyph Order

I developed the font with numerous alternates and I want to setup my own glyph order.

Good example:

Currently my font looks:

So it shows a-z, a.ss01-z.ss01, etc

I would like to have it:
all a,b…z variations in this way: a a.fina a.init a.isol a.ss01 a.fina.ss01 a.init.ss01 a.swsh.ss01 a.ss02 a.ss03 a.ss04 a.ss05 a.ss06 a.ss07 a.ss08 a.ss09 a.ss10 a.swsh

b b.fina b.init b.isol b.ss01 b.fina.ss01 b.init.ss01 b.swsh.ss01 b.ss02 b.ss03 b.ss04 b.ss05 b.ss06 b.ss07 b.ss08 b.ss09 b.swsh

I added Glyph Order property in Font Info:

But no effect, please let me know what I am doing wrong.
Thanks in advance!

I can see from your GlyphOrder that your glyphs are not properly set. Try putting them each on a new line with a return(enter) at the end of each line.

If you do this and hit OK from the dialog box. Your characters will look like this : a, a.fina, a.init, a.isol, etc. It seems glyphs add this comma automatically, so you must not add it yourself and just enter your characters with an enter at the end of each line.

Activate this setting:
File > Font Info > Other Settings > Keep Alternates Next to Base Glyph

Thank you! Work both methods!