Manual PostScript hinting, horizontal only

Hi Georg & Rainer,
I’d like to have only horizontal hinting in some glyphs, so I hinted the first master accordingly. When I generate the fonts however, there are also vertical ones. Any idea?
[Version 2.6.5 (1339)]
Thank you!

Did you hint all glyphs? Then you might disable autohinting?

No, it’s just about manual refinement of a few ones.

Did you connect the H stem hints to points in the overlap? We have just discovered a bug which causes hints in such constellations to get lost in interpolation. The autohinter would consequently find an empty glyph, and thus add both V and H hints.

No, it’s really straightforward: E.g. I have a single horizontal hint in /dotaccentcomb from top to bottom

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Ok, problem solved: Didn’t know that “Get Hints From Master” also affects PS hinting. Sorry!

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