Mapping bitcoin as baht makes sense?

Does mapping bitcoin as baht 0E3F makes sense?

Don’t make sense. You never know where and how long your fonts will be around and so it is very strong advised not to mess with unicode.

So how could I map it? Or I just shouldn’t? In fact I thought I could just add baht, which could be used where bitcoin is needed (my dollar sign has 1 vertical stroke only, the overall design would keep coherent I guess)

Baht should be baht, so should any other glyph. I think you should map it to a PUA code point or make it accessible via OpenType (write a ligature substitution that, for example, replaces #bitcoin into the bitcoin glyph).

Ok thanks; I’m afraid 0,01% of graphic designers will remember that #bitcoin (or any other string) will activate the substitution :frowning:

That is the case with baht symbol too. Besides you haven’t told how the font was going to be used.

For the graphics that don’t exist in Unicode, it is better to do it with ligatures, because it’s easier to remember (you just type the name), and internally the text is kept; when you run a text speech on it, it will still read it as bitcoin. See Ligature Symbols for example:

I see, thanks

If you’re not sure how to go with the ligature option, I’m glad to help you.

don’t worry, after html, actionscript, js and php, OT is very simple to write to me :wink: