Mark Attachment on Cyrillic vs. Latin


a colleague of mine and I are trying to anchor combining diacritics in a Cyrillic ttf font in Glyphs 2.3 on a Mac, but things are not working out as expected.

The first strange thing is that in Glyphs, Latin letters with anchors show all the combining diacritics there where you’d expect them (See image 1 — the forum is not letting me upload more than one image as a new user.)

With the cyrillic a (see image 2), only two combining diacritics are showing. On some other Cyrillic letters — no diacritics are previewed even though the letters have anchors.

Why this inconsistency? Why would Glyphs randomly choose some diacritics over others?

What’s even worse, when we generate the font, none of the Cyrillic diacritics appear when they should, they are always to the right of the letter (see image 3).

So we must be doing something wrong, but we can’t figure out what.

I thought Glyphs only needed appropriate anchors and would do the rest automagically…

I’d be most grateful for any tips.

just one clarification — the generated font doesn’t have the diacritics placed right in Mellel on the Mac, but it seems to be working in Indesign

is there anything I can do to make sure it displays properly in Mellel (which is usually very good with accents)? And is the above mentioned difference in the way diacritics are previewed in Glyphs at all relevant or should I not worry about it?

the solution seems to have been to add

languagesystem cyrl BGR; #Bulgarian
languagesystem cyrl SRB; #Serbian

and then to mark the text in Mellel as belonging to one of those two languages.

It shows only accents that I found that usually be used with this letter. It is just a preview, it does not influence the functionality.

And you don’t need to add an anchor in the cyrillic a. Glyphs will use the anchor from the base a.

Could you send me the .glyphs file and the Mellel file (to support at this domain)? Than I can have a look.