Mark Feature Compilation


I’m currently trying to implement Tiro’s fantastic Nutso nut fractions and have come into an issue.

When I’m compiling the glyphs file and generate to InDesign, all works fine. However, as soon as I add in a combinational accent e.g. dieresiscomb, the mark feature doesn’t work within InDesign for the fractions feature.

Comparing the two .fea files shows that the file with the dieresiscomb has a GDEF table, however the file without, does not.

Also, putting an #Automatic Code End statement at the top of the mark feature causes the feature to break regardless of the other glyphs in the font.

Not sure if anyone else has had a similar issue at all?


Can you send me the .glyphs files?

Sure no problem. georg @ glyphspp ?

to support at glyphsapp dot com