Mark to Arabic Ligature

here is the problem that I’m facing with:
The position of marks, it’s not right on my ligatures

How did you set the anchors in the ligature glyphs? You need one top and bottom for each component. Hit cmd+U to get a default set.

Thanks for your quick reply
I applied what you asked me on one of the ligature but it didn’t work
Right now dotbelow-ar automatically goes under the second component as well as marks

In behdotless_meem, add anchors with Cmd-U, and use the _1 anchors for the first letter in the glyph, and _2 for the second letter.

If you build other glyphs with that components, you can control the positioning of the dots by selecting them and choose an anchor from the anchor button in the components info view.

But you also could use contextual alternate shapes for the beh and meem (and for all glyphs that use it as a base). That will save you from adding a multitude of ligature glyphs.

right now, it works perfect!