Mark to base positioning of Armenian punctuation


I have a question about how Glyphs handles Armenian punctuation.

Armenian punctuation has a series of marks that are added above certain letters within words:
Question mark ՞
Emphasis mark ՛
Exclamation mark ՜
Abbreviation mark ՟

example: ո՞վ = who?

In Fedra this is handled by having precomposed ligatures of the possible combinations of letters to marks.

example: sub Vo.arm question.arm by Vo_question;

Currently Glyphs does not support mark to base positioning for Armenian.
Would it be possible to implement this?

It is supported in Glyphs. You need to duplicate the mark glyphs and set them to be ‘Marks’ and ‘Nonspacing’ spacing (select them in Font view and press cmd+opt+I). Then add anchors (top in the base and _top in the marks). Then it will work in Indesign if you select the normal line composer. It does not work with the Global Composer.

What would you name the duplicate glyphs?

Also, I’ve been told the question mark only goes on vowels. Does that also apply to all the other hovering punctuation marks? I believe at least the abbreviation mark should be able to follow any letter, right? I solved the former with ligatures and the latter with contextual alternates of the abbreviation mark.