Marks locations in Variable font ligatures

marks locations in Variable font ligatures are Not linked with the master and does not change position When changing variables.

That should work. Can you send me the file?

How can I send privately?

Of cause. Send a link in a direct message in the forum.

Why do you use a version that is almost exactly one year old? Please update to the latest version.

But it seems that the ligature anchors are indeed not supported, yet. I’ll have a look.

I fixed it.


If I upgrade the software, the problem is resolved automatically?

I will upload a new version soon.

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Also, the Kerning settings are Not dependent with the Any masters (Not variable), and the first master kerning apply to all masters uniformly.
Will this problem be solved by updating?

You are right. The kerning for RTL was not variable. I’ll fix this, too.


I received the latest update today but I found a new problem in Variable Fonts.
The scaling of the components is based on the first master and the scaling in the next masters is ignored!

The scaling of the components can’t be variated. That is a limitation of the format. It might be a good idea to decompose those components automatically.

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