Mask overlapping shapes

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I started an experiment for my bachelor thesis and ran into a little problem I can’t solve. It is a variable Typeface with circles growing out of the letters and a containing border around it. The smaller circles shouldn’t cross the bigger circle. Is it possible to somehow hide the smaller circles if they cross the bigger one, without creating an extremely complex system with a lot of shapes?

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This is not possible. At least not with a A LOT tinkering.

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Check out this project:

tl;dr: a LOT of tinkering. You would need to insert an intermediate or alternate layer every time a circle cuts into the outside, and then redraw from there. It’s possible, but only with a lot of scripting. I worked on a similar program for two other projects, to calculate insertion points of intermediate layers for curves cutting into straight segments. That was complicated enough, but you are looking to calculate intersections of curve segments. Hell awaits!

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I See, thank u anyways. Gonna find a different solution :slight_smile: