Master Compatibility Fill & Outline

Can I change the Master Compatiblity fill and outline from the light green to a light blue?

Every path has a different color. The point is to see which paths interpolate with which path.

Ok yes I had a single path I was viewing which happened to be set to green. In the moment I had forgot that it uses a multi-color marking for each path.

I’m very particular about glyph window guide or alignment zone colors, node sizes, etc. and the green was really bothering me!

I wouldn’t mind being able to edit the spectrum of Master Compatibility fill colors though. I’d possibly set it to a selection of monochromatic or analagous cool, warm, or even grey colors I think.

It is actually possible. If you run this script, the it will use the colors you supply.

masterCompatibily = GSCallbackHandler.sharedHandler().reporterInstances()["com.schriftgestaltung.MasterCompatibility"]
from AppKit import NSColor
masterCompatibily.setValue_forKey_([NSColor.redColor(), NSColor.greenColor(), NSColor.blueColor(), NSColor.yellowColor()], "_colors")

There are several methods to create NSColor object. The values are always floats in the range 0..1. So you can do R = 128 / 255 if you like those numbers betters.

NSColor.colorWithCalibratedHue_saturation_brightness_alpha_(H, S, B, A)


NSColor.colorWithCalibratedRed_green_blue_alpha_(R, G, B, A)

the default colors use an alpha of 0.3

You need to run that script every time you restart Glyphs. So you might put it in a .glyphsPlugin. that way it is called automatically.

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the fill of different shapes in master compatibility stopped showing colors, just green still there, others have no fill. Is that a new way to work, or just me?

can you post a screenshot?

I see. I’ll fix it.

Edit: I fixed it.

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